'Person on the Freeway' Baseball T-Shirt
'Person on the Freeway' Baseball T-Shirt
'Person on the Freeway' Baseball T-Shirt
'Beach' Tank Top
'Inglewood' T-Shirt

All shoes posted on this Tumblr are available NOW! Purchase today. If you have any questions, ask away.

Awesome blog sweetie! :) Love it! Mind checking mine? :) Thanks xoxo ♥

:) Thank-you. This is an add-on blog, so I can’t follow anyone on here.

THESE ARE AWESOME! Just wondering... How do you get the sweatshirts printed? Just looks difficult and i'm just curious! :)

Thank so much & really it depends on if you’re doing them yourself or not. I plan to have someone who specializes in this make them, that’s why I need a little help funding them.

i realised after i asked that question that you'd already answered it, i apologise for making you repeat yourself! thanks for replying anyway! keep up the good work!

Oh, it was no trouble and thanks so much!

are any of your sweatshirts for sale???? please say yes! lol

LOL. No they aren’t YET :/. I need to earn more money to fund the printing of the sweatshirts. A donate button is up if you care to donate or for a money-free way, I’ll have advertisements up soon so you can just click them to help fund the printing of the sweatshirts. I also make shoes and I’m trying to put the same photographs from the sweatshirts onto the shoes. ALL SHOES POSTED ARE AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE NOW.